Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Mark, could you please put out a prayer request for my uncle’s ex-wife? She is a fallen away Catholic who left my uncle and their 3 teenaged children almost 3 decades ago for her husband’s best friend. She had surgery for liver cancer on Friday and her prospects don’t sound great at this point. Despite her lapses and failings I still love her dearly and would ask for your readers’ prayers that she be reconciled with Jesus and His church.

Father, hear our prayer that this woman be reconciled with the Church and that she be granted the grace of complete healing in body, soul, and spirit or else the grace to bear our suffering with Christ and know the peace of a happy death in him. Mother Mary, pray for her and her caregivers to give her the best care they can with the help of God and for all who love her. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

"PS, she might be proud of Arroyo but based on the gospels, Jesus isn't."

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Fire Raymond Arroyo
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