A Triumph of Technology Over Conscience!

  • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

    “Denny’s introduces new menu item, ‘Bucket of Eggs and Meat.’” – The Onion Radio

    Is Mark’s ad real or just cleverly Photoshopped?

    • Lee Penn

      It’s real. James Lileks has this ad, and many more, in his “Gallery of Regrettable Food.”

      Here’s the link to the Random House interview with Lileks:


      and here is his discussion of this – and other – culinary atrocities:


      I know that you collect old cookbooks. How big is your collection? What does it include?

      A hundred, hundred and fifty or so. I don’t know–they’re in bins in
      the basement, kept out of sight. After I did the big expanded version of
      the site, people started sending me books, and now I’ve more than
      enough for two sequels. Horrible stuff, too. At some point it all starts
      to look the same; another book, another garish slab of Thyroid Lasagna.
      The books that interest me now are the ones that have peculiar tableaus
      of people cooking, grilling, or waving bananas without regard to their
      symbolic potential.

      Of all the ads, which is your favorite? The worst?

      Answer to both: the Sack O’ Sauce in a Can O’ Meat. It’s just that�a
      bladder of sauce embedded in a can of ravaged cow; it was recently
      featured in Maxim magazine as something that looks pornographic
      even though it isn’t. Through research and tireless searches I’ve also
      found its mate, the Sack O’ Mustard in the Can O’ Meat. They were really
      impressed with themselves for that one.



  • Elmwood

    America, where taste and health are secondary to marketing and profit.