Extremely Yummy Work of Mercy

A reader writes:

This Catholic family is making the transition to full-time farming. (They have been developing the farm while the dad – a deacon – has been working a town job, but his company is closing down.) If people pre-order enough maple and/or birch syrup from them, they can raise the funds to buy used sugaring equipment that has become available near their farm. They are really living the Distributist life.



Come on.  You know you want *real* maple syrup!  Everybody wants real maple syrup.  Go ahead.  Get the real syrup! MMMMMMMMM…. delicious syrup…….  Plus, it has the extra delicious taste of virtue, charity, and mercy!  Taste the physical *and* spiritual goodness! Yum!

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Yummy! And a … Great Value. At $50 for a gallon, you’ll beat even Walmart’s prices handily. Their Great Value maple syrup is about $0.55 an oz, this stuff is about $0.39 an oz.

    Something of a counter-example to the ideologue’s assertion that distributism couldn’t possibly perform in a more economically efficient manner than [insert preferred label for idealized economic system which we don’t practice because of President Obama but if we did the Terrestrial Paradise would suddenly be realized].

    I’ve spread the word as I am able!

  • bear

    It sounds good, but what if the crop doesn’t meet the pre paid orders?

    • chezami

      Best case, you get your money back. Worst case, you were generous to people who needed your help.

      • bear

        I was thinking more out of concern for them. They are preselling stuff they have not yet made on the internet to people who may not consider their order money as a donation. If the crop comes in, they’re good. If it doesn’t, they may be worse off than before.

  • Deacon Brian

    Mark: Many thanks for sharing our efforts with your readers. It was very humbling to read about our rather unknown farm on such a large forum. God Bless your work.
    To address bear’s concern: we are prepared to fill these orders with our existing equipment. We are hoping to be able to upgrade prior to the beginning of the season in order to increase our volume rather than having to wait until after the season is over.
    Deacon Brian