Hopeful News for My Mom

My brother writes:

The consultation with the radiologist went very well. He confirmed it was stage 3A cancer. His estimate was that radiation alone was the best treatment. That mom would not feel any affects do to the ability today to target radiation to very specific areas . His estimate was that the radiation would significantly extend her life with about a 30 percent chance of a complete cure. The treatments would start in about 2 weeks and last 7 weeks with dosage given 5 days per week.

Thanks be to God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Father, hear our prayer for mom’s complete healing in body, soul, and spirit through your Son Jesus Christ.  Give her caregivers grace, wisdom, knowledge, skill, compassion, understanding and the proper tech to assist well in the healing process.  Mother Mary, St. Luke, and St. Peregrine, pray for us all that we have grace, peace, consolation, strength, faith, hope, and love.  We ask all this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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  • Encouraging news. Thank God!

  • James H, London


  • guest

    Amen. Praise and thanksgiving and continued prayers for your mom. You know, my husband and I have a prayer list of people we pray for who we call our “cancer friends.” It is horrible how long it is.

  • Dave G.

    Great to hear!

  • Beautiful news, Mark! We are all praying.

  • Mary Alice Phillips

    Joining you in prayer, Mark. That is indeed encouraging news!

  • freddy

    Wonderful news and still praying, of course.
    Mark, I’ve had radiation treatment (as well as surgery and chemo). It’s very do-able, with the least discomfort of all the treatments. Radiation docs and techs are very careful and kind people. My only complaint was that “all that cool machinery and I don’t even get to go back in time!”

  • Yay!

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    That’s great to hear!

  • orual’s kindred

    Praying, of course!

  • Every morning, Mark, every morning – for you and Jan and family and for your mother.


    • chezami

      God love you, John!

  • Terrific news! I pray for the best.

  • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    This is indeed hopeful news, my friend. So very glad to hear it. We will continue to keep your mom and all of you in our prayers.

    Pax Christi,

  • EMS

    That’s what happened to my father. Radiation shrunk the tumor to a quarter of its size and most likely killed it. And he had no bad effects from the radiation.

  • Maria Rose

    This is hopeful news, Mark. Please be assured of our family’s prayers for yours, especially your mother.

  • peggy

    Praise God. St Luke & St Peregrine pray for Mrs. Shea.

  • Billy Bagbom


  • Paul Pfaff

    Great news, thanks. My wife recently had a very similar radiation treatment. Side effects included significant fatigue and some skin burning, primary effect was dead cancer cells. Yeah radiation.