Look What Your Amazing Generosity is Helping to Do

A few days ago we heard about an extremely yummy chance to do a work of mercy.

Now Deacon Brian writes back:

Thank you for informing your readers of our efforts to get our farm kick started.

Our real work of mercy however, is our mission to provide fresh grown meat, eggs and vegetables to our local homeless shelters. Many people would not believe how poorly these people eat, even often with government sustenance. We provided a share of our harvest last year and began a program – St Margaret Baskets – to allow our customers an opportunity to add to what we provide. By purchasing a basket, customers help offset the price of growing, harvesting and delivering the food to the shelters. Each basket is delivered with the name of the sponsor.

You guys, because of your amazing generosity, are part of a widening circle of blessing to people. Way to go, troops! May it be remembered in your favor on That Day. Go ahead and chuck something in a basket while you are ordering some more of that awesome maple syrup!

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