Prayer Request

A reader in Birmingham writes:

Please ask your readers to pray for the people in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area who are stranded on the roads. It is very very cold tonight and many of these people have been on the road since this morning. Many have run out of gas and had to walk through the cold, snow, and ice to try to find shelter, food, and water. Knowing how long it is taking to get anywhere in these conditions makes me worried for the people who are really sick and need to get to a hospital (or mothers in labor). I was anxious about being separated from my husband but at least he is safe and warm and with his work colleagues for companionship. I can’t even imagine how worried people must be about their loved ones who are still trying to make their way home on these treacherous roads. We were supposed to get a few snow flurries and not many of those, so severity of this weather really took us by surprise. Please pray for safety for those on the roads, peace for those who are anxiously awaiting their arrival home, and for wisdom, strength, and safety for all those who are helping rescue those in the most dire need. Also, thanks be to God for all the wonderful average people who have played the Good Samaritan and given rides, offered shelter, and helped out in so many ways already today.

Father, hear our prayer for safe travels for everybody in the Birmingham area tonight.  Bring them safely to their destinations and their  loved ones.  Mother Mary, pray for them.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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  • johnb

    Praying as I am one stranded in an office building with my 3 kids too. I’ve never seen so many cars abandoned on the side of the road. We are thankful to be here warm.

  • Matthew

    Guys, it’s seriously bad down here. My wife and I were lucky enough to get home before it hit the fan. It’s a state wide emergency. Cars are clogging the interstate, turned over, in ditches. Kids are stranded at school. People are trapped at work. Others can’t get to their children, and there’s been one report of a death. Things should start to look up during the daytime, but it’s a huge mess. So please, pray for ‘Bama.