Prayer Request and Work of Mercy Opportunity

Reader Timothy Trosclair writes:

You have helped me before in the past, both financially and in matters of doctrine. Would you please consider helping again? Our family is in desperate need of financial help in order to care for my sister, Tracie. Tracie’s suicidal desires, manic episodes, extreme depression, and personality disorder have caused her extended and extreme suffering and despair. We are trying to send her to The Meadows, a treatment facility that her neurologist insists is Tracie’s only viable option for healing. Unfortunately, it will cost us $36,000 up front just to get her admitted, and, though we have been humbled by the help we have received so far, we have only raised about $8,000. We would greatly appreciate any promoting of our cause on Facebook or your blog that you consider prudent, as my father, brother, and I will all have to take out loans to cover whatever costs we do not raise. We are accepting donations via a website, which also has a more in-depth description of what Tracie has been suffering from. It can be accessed here. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

Father, hear our prayer that Tracie will receive the financial support she needs to get the treatment she requires. Help her to find complete healing and life in body, soul, and spirit through your Son Jesus Christ. Give her caregivers wisdom, counsel, knowledge, understanding, compassion, a charism of healing and the skill to help in her healing. Give her and all who love her grace, strength, healing, consolation, faith, hope, and love. Mother Mary, St. Luke, and St. Dymphna, pray for her. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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