Prayer Requests

Father, hear our prayer for my mom that she would receive a favorable diagnosis and the treatment that can assist her complete healing body, souls and spirit to the glory of your name.  Give her caregivers grace, attentiveness, compassion, knowledge, skill, understanding, and the proper technology.  Thank you that she is happy and without pain.  Give us the wisdom and resources to help her with her housing and her care.  Mother Mary, St. Luke, and St. Peregine pray for her.  We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ, Father.

A reader writes:

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Eric Freed, a priest from California who was murdered in his parish’s rectory on New Year’s Eve.

Father, grant eternal rest to Fr. Freed and your justice and mercy to his killer. Mother Mary, prayer for Fr. Freed and his killer. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Another reader writes:

Just got word that my mother hasn’t been able to pay her mortgage for nine months, she has slipped into major depression, and has isolated herself from most family and friends. She has kept all of this from me, so I’m only learning about it from another relative to whom she turned for financial help recently. Apparently the house will be foreclosed on February 28th unless she sells it. Absent a sale, she’ll lose all of her equity. Lots going on and many prayers are needed to right this ship.

Father, help this woman keep her home and the people in her life rally to her and be provided the mean to help her. Protect her home and her money and bring her out of thhis depression and into faith, hope, and love in you. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for her. We ask all this through Jesus Christ.

Another reader writes:

Could you ask for prayers for my family? My brother cannot find a job since he has a prior felony conviction from 12 years ago, which he served, and cannot find somewhere to live that he can afford at the moment. I have a cousin who once fell into using Meth, got out of it, has a daughter who lives with her mother and father, and now she – being my cousin – has fallen back into drugs again and needs real help. Another cousin of mine has a son who has been taken by the mom to Los Angeles and is finding it hard on both himself and his car (which needs a new engine.) He lives 600 or so miles away where the mother of his son will not meet him halfway. She, sadly, is living a loose lifestyle which involves either drugs or alcohol, or both. And, worse, his son who is only 2 years old, comes back with really bad skin condition where there are sores on his arms and body (I think exzema.) His brother, my other cousin, is also having issues with anger, the mother of his daughter not wanting to stay in a relationship, and sometimes being manipulative (both he and his daughter’s mom.) My family also is easily persuaded by either rumors, gossip, or any scandal – true or not – towards my brother. My family has a heart condition – I know, I have one too – where they find it hard to assist my brother in his present time of need. One more prayer for my step sister, who is expecting a child scheduled for a C-Section either this Friday or next Friday. I pray for a completely successful birth of her second son. She had lost one other child through miscarriage not too long ago. Please pray for her. I can use a prayer myself for a miracle asking God, His Son, Jesus Christ, to protect us all this year and onward from all calamities no matter what reasons or circumstances we’re stuck in, to begin with. I pray that no matter how severe or grave a circumstances might be, that God the Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will see no reason to prevent or hesitate in any way or manner depriving anyone – any soul – from a sure lifting up from where they are as Christ made no hesitation to enter that closed room and walls where Saint Thomas the Apostle was able to press his hands into wounds and side of Christ. I pray for a real miracle this year, and that is no matter where people are, that God will surely deliver them from all harm and fear no matter what.

P.S.: Please pray and ask God to ensure no spirit, particular with the obsession of animals and pets – particularly dogs as Rotwheilers and Pit Bulls, and even Akita’s as I’ve seen taken hold of my family – will take priority or have preference over anyone in my family. Particularly taking preference over my brother. I, in my case, have a grave fear of those kinds of dogs and ask that no one in my family will ever have the power or ability to overthrow my Grandma’s affection and love of me for a dog. I have witnessed a strange kind of spirit, if you will, take place and residence in my household – being my family – as of late. That spirit tries to appear something of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit working. That spirit, I would imagine, does not come from God. Since it would not ignore, nor would the Holy Spirit, I’d imagine, would never discount my grave fear of certain animals and put my soul in grave danger of losing faith, hope, and trust in God because of a silly animal. So I ask for prayers to run this counterfeit spirit, I hope to God, out of my household, where they can do nothing to accommodate these sort of dogs at an expense of a relationship and losing a family member due to it.

Father, hear our prayer for this person and their family that they can receive your grace and find healing, repentance, mercy, faith, hope and love through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them.

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