Steven G. Greydanus the Hirsute, Sesquipedalian, and Cinematographic


Hey man,
So I recently noticed this pattern on your blog, where cool kids get these adjectives of awesomeness that go with their names.

Barbara is “The Indomitable.”
Brandon is “The Irrepressible” and even the “Delightfully Unstoppable.” (Bonus adverb!)
Mike Aquilina is “Redoubtable.”

What about me? I mean, yeah, you link to my reviews and stuff now and then, but WHERE’S MY ADJECTIVE OF AWESOMENESS???

No idea what he’s talking about.

In other news, Greydanus of Jersey, Grand Panjandrum of the 60 Second Review, Poet Laureate of the Seussian Form, and Eparch of Catholic Filmic Criticism, offers his take on the Top 10 Films of 2013.

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  • SDG

    Woo hoo! The Hirsute! The Sesquipedalian! The Cinematographic! IN YOUR FACE, VOGT!!!!!!

    • Brandon Vogt

      Greydanus the ALL CAPSABLE.

  • said she

    Oh. I had a boss once who gave everyone a cool nickname. Except me. I felt left out. So I asked for one.