This is an actual realio-trulio representation of how your government thinks

This is not a logo for some Dr. Evil comedy spy satellite.  This is that actual, no foolin’ image your government decided to slap on its latest spy satellite and launch into space.

It is the fitting and proper heir to such classics as (yes, this one was real too):

This Homeland Security department logo of an eye peeking<br /> through a keyhole was copyrighted but apparently not used.<br />

and (again, real):

I fear these people far more than I fear some goons in caves.  But the first image is the creepiest of all, because the sheer hubris of the words on the logo make it clear that even the veneer of “We’re doing this to keep you safe” is dropping away and the “You are our subjects!” reality is no longer even concerned with hiding its face.  I wonder if any other Snowdens in the Police State are beginning to have this guy’s doubts:

  • Stu

    I’m absolutely gobsmacked. I’ve been a part of making a lot of patches in my aviation career and usually there are some hidden messages contained in them (for the adult crowd) but I’ve never seen anything so tone deaf in my life.

    I pray it’s just a case of stupidity. It’s not like there is shortage of it. But I’m also open to believe it wasn’t a case of stupidity.

    And that clip was great.

  • wlinden

    “Where am I?”
    “What do you want?”

  • quasimodo

    Yea, I ‘m a bit freaked. I realize most of these patches are meant for consumption by insiders and go for the “cool factor” for the audience intended, but I’ve been freaked by these things ever since they started using the uber-chilling moniker “Homeland Security.” Sounds to my ears like the Nazis would dream up.

    • chezami

      That’s the thing: the audience for which it’s intended–security state creeps one and all–thing it’s cool.

      • quasimodo

        “security state creeps one and all” Not entirely, no. A lot of these patches are worn and appreciated by rank and file troops … teens to twenty somethings with no real power or evil intentions & who find logos cool. The policy makers and officers on the other hand ….

        I like some of the logos and patches: For a time, a long time ago, the tails of some US spy planes stationed in Spain had the Sandeman Port logo painted on them. Very cool. if I knew how I’d include the link.

  • Rosemarie


    US gov’t = Cthulhu

  • Elmwood

    At least the Nazi’s weren’t trying to hide the fact they were evil. I mean, their SS uniforms were “cool” in a Darth Vader Empire sort of way.

    Actually, the Japanese Empire had the coolest symbol:

    • TheodoreSeeber

      That symbol is proof positive that the Japanese monarchy were once Chinese invaders.

      There is only one country that could imagine Japan as the “Land of the Rising Sun”.