Happy News!

Forbidden Planet, the greatest of all the Golden Age Science Fiction movies, is now available as a streaming freebie on Amazon Prime!

One of those movies I will always drop everything and watch, just for sheer delight at neato, gee whiz, boyhood wonder.  It’s got everything: robots, monsters, virile spacemen, a hubba hubba babe heroine, flying saucers, Chesley Bonestell space art, mad(ish) scientists, way cool 50s special effects, mystery, wonder, a story lifted from The Tempest, and good old school Greco-Christian warnings about hubris, pride, and sin and a good solid reminder that we are not God.

What joy!

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  • Dave G.

    I’m not much of a sci-fi/fantasy fan (LoTR being a glaring exception), but do consider myself a movie buff. Yet despite the praise I’ve heard for this movie over the years, oddly enough, I’ve never seen it.

    • introvert_prof

      Then by all means, run – don’t walk – to your local library and borrow the DVD. Mark’s right — this is one of the best.

      • EMS

        TCM showed the movie this month and has had it on several times over the last year. If you have cable, you might see if it’s listed on their “on demand” service.

    • Dave G.

      That settles it. I can’t this weekend – not enough time. But I’m off a couple days next weekend and I’ll see if I can dig it up. I don’t have on demand, so that won’t work. But I’ll see. It has to be out there somewhere.

    • jaybird1951

      Turner Classic Movies shows it occasionally. In fact, it was on several weeks ago.

  • Ciaran

    My favourite part is the tour of the vast Krell city.

    My favourite line: ‘Hey! What’s that dust comin?’

  • MarylandBill

    It along with the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still” were some of the best Science Fiction Hollywood ever produced.

    • jaybird1951

      I also enjoyed “This Island Earth” from the same period. It was not at the same level as those other two but had good special effects and was still fun to watch. I never forgot the word “inter-rossiter” (sp?) that was used for the aliens’ communications device. The remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was so inferior to the original and as I groaned at the end when the Earth stood still, a Hollywood liberal’s wet dream. Did anyone involved bother to stop and think about the immoral absurdity of this supposedly superior alien race planning to commit mass genocide by murdering over seven billion sentient human beings to save the planet’s flora and fauna? In essence, an anti-humanist film.