Hey Toronto!

The very first Chesterton Debate will be held in your fair city tomorrow night! Be there! Learn about Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Human Flourishing! Aloha!

Oh, and come back for the next one and bring a friend!

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  • Julian Barkin

    Thanks for featuring this Mark! Might I add the pro-God debater is a priest from the Oratory of St. Phillip Neri, of which their parishes offer both a solemn and reverent Novus Ordo with excellent preaching (plus pre-seminary formation), and the Latin Mass in our Archdiocese? Deo Gratias!

  • Sigroli

    The priest is Fr Philip Cleevely. Originally from the Birmingham Oratory in the U.K., he is now with the Toronto Oratory http://www.oratory-toronto.org/ and indeed is a superb preacher. Although neither is my geographic parish, I attend Sunday Mass at St Vincent’s or at Holy Family, either of which is no more than 3-4 miles from my home. Both parishes are served by the Fathers of the Oratory with Mass celebrated in both the ordinary and extraordinary forms.
    The inaugural Chesterton debate is sold out.