Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Down here in Alabama, we have four pro-life bills that will be brought before the state government soon. The first would create a 48 hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion. The second would create stricter rules for minors seeking an abortion. The third wold require that the mother be informed of hospice care for newborns in the case of a fatal fetal anomaly. The fourth, and most “extreme”, as it’s been called, would ban abortions outright from the moment the baby has a detectable heartbeat.

I’m sure you heard (it was all over EWTN) but a few months ago, the Birmingham Planned Parenthood was shut down.

So, two prayer requests. 1: That these bills find some level of success in keeping the abortion business low in Alabama. 2: That along with these bills, our state government and the people act to fight against the root causes of abortions in our state, which are mainly desperation and poverty.

Thank you. God bless.

Father, hear and answer these prayers through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for your children. Amen.

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  • myintx

    Before anyone brings up religion, it doesn’t take religion to know that killing an unborn child is wrong ( For many, all it takes is science (that says an unborn child is a human being) and common sense (take a look at a 4d ultrasound of an unborn child at 18 or 20 weeks). If you religious convictions tell you its wrong to kill an innocent human being, that’s fine too :)