Prayer Request and Praise Report

A reader writes:

This Saturday my wife, my mother and myself were involved in a pretty bad rollover accident.  Car was wrecked, but thankfully (and remarkably) we all got out okay, myself without a scratch.  Only thing I’m worried about is with Amy some 38 weeks pregnant, here’s praying for a healthy baby which could come anytime now.  Tests have already been run but don’t know the results yet.  They believe she (the baby) is okay.

Will be taking her into the doctor’s tomorrow.  Would appreciate any and all prayers.

Father, thank you for this wonderful grace.  Please protect mother and child and bring them to a safe delivery.  We pray all this through your Son Jesus Christ!

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  • Peg

    Please accept my prayers and successful outcome for this pregnant mom!

  • Peg

    I meant to say prayers this mom that she deliver a healthy baby!

  • Irenist

    Mary, mother of the Infant Savior, please intercede for this mother, her child, and all of their family!