Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

Pray please! There is a young woman who is being pressured by her grandfather to have an abortion. Please pray for the grandfather and for all family and friends to do the right thing. Passing on this prayer request would be helpful too. God bless you all.

Father, hear our prayer that this man will relent and that this woman will choose life for her child.  Mother Mary, prayer for them. Guardian angels, protect this man from sinning and this woman and her child from hard.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Another reader writes:

I would like to ask you to put up a prayer request for me.  I just finished my doctorate and am looking for a job, but jobs in academia are hard to get.  I studied a field that I was passionate about, but there are a lot of strikes against me in terms of the market, (I studied literature in a second language and most jobs favor native speakers, I’m Canadian and most jobs are in the States, etc,)  I need a lot of prayers to find a teaching position somewhere, the closer to home the better.  My family has been struggling financially for four years.  I have the desire, the longing to work, I just need someone to give me the opportunity.

Father, hear our prayer that your daughter could swiftly find work in her field at a living wage.  Mother Mary and St. Thomas, pray for her!  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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    Lord hear our prayer.