Abortion supporters hit rock bottom…

keep digging:

Behold the tasteful and klassy DC Abortion Fund Coat Hanger Award for Zeal in Child Slaughter.

Abortion: Corrupting Everything it Touches with its Bloody Fingers

"It means most American Catholics who support capital punishment likely practice contraception."

Pope Initiates Schism with American Conservative ..."

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  • James H, London

    Vile. Just – vile!

  • Andy, Bad Person

    I know that there are some abortion supporters who really believe that they are fighting for freedom (however mistaken that belief might be).

    However, many of these hard-core pro-choicers keep demonstrating that they don’t want choice, they just hate babies.

    • Hematite

      They can start out doing the former and end up feeling the latter: cognitive dissidence – what you do often changes what you think.

  • Ipsitilla

    If I saw one of those, I’d be highly tempted to channel Faye Dunaway and shriek, “No wire hangers, ever!”

  • Hematite

    The sight of that thing makes me nauseous.

  • Ciaran in Ireland

    Totally & utterly sickening. God forgive them.