Apologies Seem an Appropriate Way to Start Lent

So yesterday, as has happened before, I lost my temper with people making excuses for the current bash-fest against a good bishop doing the right thing.  I don’t unsay a word of support for Bishop Olson, nor do I admit in the slightest that the people who are viciously attacking him have a point in using the EF as a weapon of assault on the Council or a tool for blaspheming the OF or an excuse for heaping contempt on almost all of the members of the Body of Christ.  They are, very simply, wrong and need to repent.

But I also need to repent, particularly of my anger and bitterness at them.  Reactionaries are, I will make no bones about it, the single greatest trial I have ever encountered in the ecclesial dimension of my walk as a Catholic (my own sins are the greatest trial of all, of course).  But that is no excuse for indulging the sin of anger.

So: my apologies for choosing anger over love yesterday.  Your prayers for a sinner would be appreciated.  And, for my part, I forgive these people (too many and too anonymous to name them all) for the sake of His sorrowful Passion.  I hope they will do likewise.

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