Day 4 of the Tin Cup Rattle

On this blog, you get to argue about Combox Experts, read St. Francis de Sales say:

“On the contrary, the evil spirit is turbulent, rough, disturbing; and those who follow infernal suggestions, thinking that they are heavenly inspirations, as a rule are easily identified, because they are loud, headstrong, proud, ready to undertake or meddle in all kinds of business, men who under the pretext of zeal turn everything upside down, censure everyone, scold everyone, find fault with everything; they are people who will not be directed, will not give in to anyone, will not put up with anything, but gratify the passions of self-love under the name of concern for God’s honor.”

(Thanks to Sherry Weddell for that)

…discover the wonders of Amazon fat, watch atheists and fundamentalists get all mushy as they discover how much they have in common, learn about Scripture and Tradition, hear dumb jokes, and perhaps meet the man or woman of your dreams!

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