Golly! Who Could Possibly Have Foreseen This?

Rich gay guys immediately use gay “marriage” as platform for trying to force Church to perform gay “marriage” or punish them legally and financially if they resist.

That has, of course, been the goal all along. The gay movement is intolerant, punishing, militant, and hate-filled and cannot rest until it forces all, not merely to tolerate, but to profess the absolute goodness and greatness of homosex. It is narcissism on steroids and it must therefore do its utmost to punish and destroy the Church. That will work (after all, how many divisions does the Church have?) since the state is going to do nothing but support it since Caesar wants to destroy his rival as well. That is, it will work right up until the moment that Western civilization collapses and the Church again becomes the only institution capable of weathering that collapse. When people are struggling for food and shelter, they forget the boutique fantasies of a decadent culture.

Ash Wednesday is a good day for remembering that exile to the desert is not at all unChristian.