Harvard Writer So Passionate to Save Liberalism…

she is adamant that free speech must be crushed in order to preserve it.

The Leftist itch for tyranny is always so hilariously un-self-aware. Righties, when they go off the deep end into Dark Enlightment crap, know that they have to cloak their language in pseudo-scientific euphemism like “human biodiversity” to create a sufficient smokescreen to get a hearing.

But Lefties, when they go nuts, are so full of the sin of pride that they don’t even bother with euphemism. They just come right out and say stuff like “Let’s give up on academic freedom in favor of justice” (justice meaning the triumph of what the Lefty says is just).

Ironically, the example the editorial linked above uses to justify crushing free speech is precisely the racists who think that alleged differences in IQ between various ethnicities somehow mean something crucial about human dignity. I think this movement vile and pernicious. But I also think that the stupidest way in the world to oppose it is embrace the Leftist tyranny of crushing free speech.

The Thing That Used to Be Liberalism is as dangerous and antithetical to the Faith as the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism. The reason we go to the desert with Christ is to escape *all* the gods of Egypt, not just the ones we don’t happen to like.

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