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The apologetic task cannot be limited to developing arguments. In some way we must realize that apologetics involves enabling people to glimpse something of the glory and beauty of God. It is these, not slick arguments, that will ultimately convert and hold people. True apologetics engages not only the mind but also the heart and the imagination, and we impoverish the gospel if we neglect the impact it has on all of our God-given faculties.
– Alister McGrath, The Passionate Intellect, p. 88.

The trick, of course, is doing it. 🙂

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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    True words. The Lord of the Rings did more to convince me of the truth of Catholicism than any sermon I ever heard. Sometimes you have to see that the Beauty if True before you start trying to understand it.
    It’s very hard to reason a person into the Faith. But you can make them fall in love with it. The best way to do that is with your own example, and that’s where so many of us (yours truly first among them) tend to fail.

    • Mike

      True but some people, no alot of people, just don’t want to be happy and in love with anything; they’re jaded and cynical and seem to prefer things that way.

      Francis is right that we have to present the truth with Joy but sometimes smiling too much wards people off, if you know what i mean; especially thoroughly secularized pagans who see it as a mark of maturity and sophistication to be grumpy and sullen and cynical.

      • Mark S. (not for Shea)

        Every cynic is just a scared kid whose had his heart broken one too many times. I say that as a former jaded cynic.
        Smiling and joy is a great tool only if it is genuine. Jaded cynics do have one great virtue: They have a very sensitive BS meter. That can sense a false smile a mile away.

        • Mike

          Yes! they do they can sense it from miles and miles away!

          It, the planting of the seed, take alot of patience, alot!

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          Sometimes I feel like people are afraid they’re going to be suckers. “I’m not going to believe in anything, then I won’t be wrong!”