Prayer Requests

Please pray for my mom. We may be taking her off her cancer treatments, which means she probably won’t have much time left. Pray for wisdom for us kids as we figure out what to do.

Also, please pray for a dear friend of mine who has had two heart attacks in the past week.

Also, please pray for a friend who has undergone cancer treatment which has left her immune system compromised. She is suffering badly with a UTI. Also, pray for her husband who has various difficulties to face at work.

In addition, a reader writes:

May I ask for prayer for a friend. After much agonizing she resigned her job. She is depressed over leaving and now needs a new job.

Father, hear our prayer for this woman that she would overcome her depression and find a good job at a living wage. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for her. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Faithr

    Oh that is so hard. Prayers for wisdom and strength!

  • Hematite

    May Our Blessed Mother rap you all in her mantle, and may Our Lord grant you all His mercy and peace.

  • Alma Peregrina

    I’ll pray for you, your mother and your family. Best regards.

  • Dan F.

    Will pray.

    If your reader’s friend lives in or near CT I might be able to help with some connections

  • James H, London

    God grant you strength, O Mark.

  • Mary Alice Phillips

    Mark, our family made that decision to not treat when it was discovered that my Dad’s colon cancer was so widespread in his body. He had twelve good weeks at home with hospice support, and for the last two days slept peacefully. He had concentrated morphine drops under his tongue to control pain and indeed seemed comfortable. We knew he could hear us so we talked to him a lot. His passing was very peaceful, and in his own home. Hospice is a Godsend. I’ll be praying for you all, and for all the prayer needs above. Hugs, Mark!