The LA Religious Congress

aka, “The Three Days of Dorkness”

  • Almario Javier

    From the list of speakers, it seems things have simmered down since a decade ago, so that meme may be running out of currency.

  • Joejoe

    “Look at us! Not at God, at US!!!!!!!”

    • Jon W

      I agree that it’s all silly beyond belief, but as someone who grew up with the occasional liturgical dancing in his Protestant church, I can tell you: that’s not what most of them are thinking.

      • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

        It doesn’t matter if that’s what they’re thinking or not. It’s the message that is coming across because what they’re doing is distracting and puts the emphasis on themselves instead of God. I went to a nondenominational charismatic church that engaged in that kind of dancing and even then, I never felt like it drew me closer to God as part of the worship service.

        • Jon W

          It absolutely does matter, since we on the liturgical right tend to see these people as narcissistic and ill-willed, when in fact they are not; they’re just mistaken, as we can also very easily be.

          If someone goes overboard trying to be “reverent”, we generally give them a pass. But if someone goes overboard trying to express the joy that comes from knowing that you – in all your clownish imperfection – are infinitely loved by God, we instantly assume they’re trying to attract attention to themselves for the sake of themselves. We’re being disingenuous.

          • Heather

            Agreed. I know some people (not Catholic) who engage in liturgical dancing, and the most awkward thing about it isn’t that it’s goofy and irreverent. It’s the sheer embarrassing sincerity.

          • Joejoe

            I’ll grant that I may have been mistaken in my comment and that these people have may be sincere in their enthusiasm for the Lord, but at the same time it is difficult to imagine someone in a Catholic context understanding the Mass and the Real Presence and still deciding that in a church at a celebration of the Mass is the right time, right place for these antics.

            I’m not “liturgical right,” I’m liturgical normal. That means the priest isn’t the star of the show, the choir director isn’t either, the Lord is. And priests who act the emcee, or choir directors who must. go. one. more. verse., knowing what they do about what is really happening during the Mass, certainly do take eyes from Heaven and move them to earth.

            There are 167 other hours during the week when expressing Christian joy is 10000% OK.

  • John Drake

    Mark, I thought you a Sherry Weddel said there were no clown masses?

    • chezami

      Which only demonstrates that you can’t read.

  • Hematite

    Now that our former ordinary, Card. Mahoney, is by the mercy of God reduced to grandstanding in his retirement, I look forward to no longer hearing of the nonsense and evil Wiccan creepyness that has infested that jamboree. It is such a relief to have a faithful and sain Archbishop like Gomez leading the LA Archdiocese!

  • Dom Reynolds

    I thought you were talking about Fr. Barron who was speaking there today.

    • chezami

      I take his presence there as a great sign of hope.

      • Gordis85

        Agree! Go get’em Father Barron! <3

        • Thinkling

          I just watched Fr. Barron’s keynote speech, and frankly he knocked it out of the park.

          Interestingly, for the first ten minutes or so he encouraged celebrating the -beauty- of the faith. Twice he even explicitly criticized “balloon and banner catholicism”. One could easily read that he was making a gentle scold of some of the proceedings there, but yet it was done constructively and without any snark (shocker). And it was also pretty well received to boot. I encourage anyone to watch it.

  • Thinkling

    Without commenting on that event, I have to admit I’ll have a hard time unhearing “Everybody Hans Kung tonight”.

  • anna lisa

    My son John Paul was required to go. He was torn, but missing school made up for a lot. Overall, his comment was “super lame”. But the guys carrying the “hug me” signs provided an outlet. He made them hug him for twice as long as they were actually willing to, and so felt that he had wreaked his revenge. His cousin took pictures.