Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

Students for Life writes:

In just a couple of weeks, Students for Life will host our SOLD-OUT Northwest Leadership Summit in Seattle on April 5th. And I need your help to sponsor one of our 80 Northwest student leaders who will be attending.

Can you pitch in $15 today to sponsor one student?

Why am I so excited about this event? In just a couple of weeks, 80 of the brightest, kindest, most passionate, courageous, active, pro-life students will gather at a coffee-shop in Seattle to learn how to change the culture right here in Northwest.

I am incredibly honored to host a leadership summit for these young people. These students spend all year doing the hard work of engaging their culture and campuses. My summit is one day when they can sit back among friends and peers and get the training and the encouragement they need to go back and take more territory. What a privilege it is to plan a day that will bless and help them to be even more successful at changing hearts and saving lives!

Trust me, I know what it is like to be a student doing pro-life work on campus and how difficult it is at times. And I know how much of a blessing SFLA’s leadership summit can be as it was at the first SFLA Northwest Leadership Summit where I was asked to consider joining the Students for Life team full-time!

In order to keep the cost low for students, I am asking each of you to consider helping to underwrite a part of this conference by sponsoring the cost of one student for $15 or two students for $30.

Altogether, I need $700 to cover the costs of the conference. If you can help with a gift towards the conference, of even $10 or $20 it helps a great deal!

I am also in need of a few more host homes in the Seattle area to host students who are traveling from out of state to get to the conference. If you would be available to host students the evening of Friday, April 4th, please let me know!

So many of you are faithful supporters of my work in the Northwest! Thank you! We are seeing the fruits in this pro-life generation!!!

Help ’em out if you can.

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  • Elaine S.

    Slightly off-topic but I had to pass this along, since it’s good news and pro-life related: six states (North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri) are now down to just one abortuary each, and any one of them could soon become the first abortuary-free state in the Union:

    It gets even better: “According to NARAL Pro-Choice America, the past two years have been a
    bonanza for pro-life laws. They report more pro-life laws have passed in
    the past two years than in the previous ten years combined.”

    Apparently, the strategy of working to make improvements (parental notification, waiting periods, regulating abortuaries just like other medical facilities, etc.) in abortion laws at the state level is having enough of an effect that NARAL and Planned Parenthood are in a tizzy about the relentless march of “anti-choice” legislation. To borrow a phrase from a certain blogging priest… brick by brick.