As Christianity Fades in Europe…

…people don’t believe in nothing, but in anything. One popular alternative for people of a conservative bent who no longer care about God is blood and soil racism and worship of the ethnos. People who like the trappings of Christianity loot it for the bits and pieces that are useful to their idolatry of blood. People who don’t care for Christianity often just go straight for fake Asatru paganism and similar bullshit. And people who like a certain gleaming scientific cast to their race worship prefer to toss around “human biodiversity” claptrap.

Meanwhile, God is no respecter of person and in Christ Jesus there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female. But given the conservative anti-charism of discernment, it appears that this latest demented trend has a bright future among the post-Christian Bright Young Things in College Republican circles. At best, the whole thing will end in gales of derisive laughter at the new racialism. At worst, it will end, as it has done many times before, in an ocean of blood.

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