Boy, Was I Wrong About ‘The Passion of the Christ’

As we approach the commercial TV debut of The Passion of the Christ, I offer a little personal recollection of my two-degrees-of-separation involvement with the film and how, to my surprise, it kept me and my family from starving and living in our car, among other things.

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  • MeanLizzie

    Link isn’t working.

  • Loretta

    Link works, but wants you to subscribe. There’s a pop-up causing trouble.

    Too bad commercial television will throw in…what are they called? Ah, yes. Commercials. Passion of the Christ, brought to you by the Ford Motor Company and Budweiser. Or whoever. I haven’t seen this film yet, but cut-up with Americanism would just be too strange.

    • Dave G.

      Will they? They’ve shown things commercial free before. I remember when Schindler’s List debuted, they had it uncut and commercial free. Even in America.

  • LorenzoCanuck

    “It is, after all, not plagiarism when you steal from yourself.”


  • Dr. Eric

    Good article, Mark. I’m going to try to watch The Passion with my oldest son this week. I hope he gets the symbolism.

  • Victor

    (((“Who do you say I am?” after 2000 years.)))

    With the little knowledge and experience that I’ve accumulated during this twenty first century, I don’t think that we Catholics should be asking these type of questions cause we don’t evangelize but then again, I’m sure that it beats having to keep your family from starving and living in your car. :)
    Good Luck! (lol)
    Happy Lent!