Everything is on Google

My brother attempted to come up with a Google search that will yield no results.  Tried “Hammer with pickle”.  Yes.  Someone has photographed that:

Final test of Google search of photos: "Hammer with Pickle"

  • Mark.

    I used to be able to stump Google with three unrelated and somewhat obscure words. Now it takes five to have a good chance and even then there are web pages of word lists likely to have them all. Teh intarwebz are huge and Google has gotten better.

  • http://janalynmarie.blogspot.com/ Beadgirl

    Gene Weingarten on the Washington Post is always working on this; he calls them “googlenopes.”

    I’ve actually come up with several myself, but not on purpose and they weren’t humorous. Apparently I have a knack for searching for obscure concepts.

  • Will

    Maybe he should have googled “What phrase, when typed into google, will yield no results.” Also, can God make a rock too heavy for Him to lift?

    • Brian Sullivan

      Well, if you put it in quotes: No results found for “What phrase, when typed into google, will yield no results.”.