Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Hi, I have a major prayer request I hope you can share with readers. My friend’s roommate’s son Kreed is a beautiful teenage boy with autism who’s got a host of horrible physical disorders as well, including epilepsy, a severe metabolic disorder and an immune deficiency.He’s been suffering from bad pain in his limbs for months now and doctors have dismissed him as just acting out autism, but he’s finally got a diagnosis of length-dependent, axonal and demyelinating, sensory and motor peripheral neuropathy (please excuse any misspellings since I’m not a doctor!). As far as I can understand it’s a condition that ruins all your nerves over time starting with the very long ones. In a “normal” child this would have been tested for and diagnosed at the first tingle, but since Kreed had to suffer for months he’s already lost all sensation and most motor skill in one foot and in both hands (which is a disaster, because his only form of verbal communication is with a touch screen speech device). They’re giving him palliative medications and therapy, but apparently the only way to stop the disorder is to find out what caused it,and that will require genetic testing. Otherwise, he is likely going to lose the ability to walk and eventually it will kill him. However, his insurance company has already denied genetic testing twice, and they even stated in writing that it was denied because he has autism.
Please pray for a healing miracle for Kreed, or at minimum that he’ll be able to get the testing and treatments he needs. And please always remember in your prayers the mentally ill and mentally disabled– I know from witnessing it in many of my friends that the kind of neglect Kreed has suffered is the norm for them and not the exception.

Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for him, his caregivers and those who love him.

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