When Glenn Beck is Now the Voice of Reason…

…you are officially crazy:

Amazing to hear Catholics who should know better running around with their hair on fire and talking as though this scofflaw is somehow justified in threatening to kill people if he doesn’t get what two courts have denied him. Actually had a prolifer say, “Violating the fifth commandment? Is that all you’ve got?” Used to be that violating the fifth commandment was kind of important to prolifers. But when some guy in a cowboy hat wraps himself in a flag, the conservative anti-charism of discernment kicks in and people suddenly imagine that we are on the brink of the Holocaust (One guy seriously wrote “First they came for the rancher and I said nothing”) and they are Minutemen and Sons of Liberty. Nope. You’re suckers who have gotten all your civics and moral formation from Talk Radio and Right Wing websites instead of from the Church. I never thought I’d hear myself saying it, but put down the bong and listen to Glenn Beck. There are all sorts of problems with our overweening state. Choosing to back *this* scofflaw is the exact worst way to address every single one of them.

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