Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Can you please ask your great readers to pray for my brother and sister-in-law? They have three small children, and he has left his wife for his wife’s (ex) best friend who is the mother of four small children as well. He was friends with her husband who is a really, nice, Catholic family man.

My brother-in-law was talking to a priest who was giving them marriage counseling as of Easter, but he walked out a week ago, and went back to the other woman whose husband has divorced her because of her infidelity.

My sister-in-law is a wreck, she can’t eat and looks like she is becoming anorexic. Her hands shake from the stress. She was willing to forgive him and trying so hard to hold her family together but I think she just gave up hope in her husband

Please surround both families with prayer!

Father, hear our prayer for repentance by the guilty parties and for grace and mercy and forgiveness and comfort and peace and strength from your Spirit to fill the hearts of all those wronged by this terrible sin. Especially surround the children with your angelic protection in this terrible hour. Do all to the Glory of your Name, through your Son Jesus Christ. St. Joseph and Mother Mary, pray for all involved.


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  • Elmwood

    I saw my mother break down emotionally and physically when my father was caught having an affair. It is a very difficult thing for the family having witnessed this first hand.

  • petey

    I have been in the position of the sister in law above, and I know how horrifying this is. I pray for her strength and her husband’s awareness.

  • cececole

    Devastating for everyone involved and the poor children victimized by their parents infidelity and selfishness. Lord, I pray you strengthen and comfort those parents left to deal with this destruction of their marriages and families.

  • orual’s kindred

    Prayers for all involved!