Random Seraphim the Beauteous Moment

Seraphim Anduin Shea, Beautiful Beyond Telling

"Coincidentally, the same day you posted this my mother posted on facebook a link to ..."

Not coincidentally….
"That happened to me for the first time last week too. Maybe they are having ..."

Christianist “Prolife” Pundit Kevin Williamson…
"From the recent exhortation of Pope Francis, Rejoice and be Glad:For Christians, “a person’s perfection ..."

Not coincidentally….
"...and now the system has flagged my reply as spam. I replied that it wasn't. ..."

Christianist “Prolife” Pundit Kevin Williamson…

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  • orual’s kindred

    She is so lovely!

  • What a cutie-pie!

  • CJ

    Seraphim is not impressed.

  • Dave G.

    The cute meter has hit full! Beautiful baby.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Squee! I love her cheeks! You have such gorgeous granddaughters.

  • anna lisa

    ohhhh so beautiful. How can I convince my 26-year-old that that everything else in life pales in comparison?

  • Kevin J. Bartell

    Look out, Lucy the Cuteness . . . there’s a new kid on the block! She’s adorable, Mark!

  • Neil Leslie

    Gaaah! Must . . . wear . . . protective . . . gear! Cannot endure such cuteness!