Random Seraphim the Beauteous Moment

Seraphim Anduin Shea, Beautiful Beyond Telling

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  • orual’s kindred

    She is so lovely!

  • What a cutie-pie!

  • CJ

    Seraphim is not impressed.

  • Dave G.

    The cute meter has hit full! Beautiful baby.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Squee! I love her cheeks! You have such gorgeous granddaughters.

  • anna lisa

    ohhhh so beautiful. How can I convince my 26-year-old that that everything else in life pales in comparison?

  • Kevin J. Bartell

    Look out, Lucy the Cuteness . . . there’s a new kid on the block! She’s adorable, Mark!

  • Neil Leslie

    Gaaah! Must . . . wear . . . protective . . . gear! Cannot endure such cuteness!