• ivan_the_mad

    I’ve anticipated this book for some time. I’m very excited that it’s nearly ready.

    • thisismattwade

      Have you any familiarity with Omar Gutierrez’s work in the Diocese of Omaha, NE? He has a new book along the same vein: “The Urging of Christ’s Love: The Saints and The Social Teaching of the Catholic”. I know you enjoy CST debates, and I’ve not heard a man more in tune with the Church’s heart on the subject than Mr. Gutierrez. He has an ongoing podcast series with Discerning Hearts at http://www.discerninghearts.com/?page_id=1606. I’d be interested to see how similar are Mr. Vogt’s upcoming book, and Mr. Gutierrez’s published book. I might just have to read them both myself. Drat!

      • ivan_the_mad

        I’m not familiar with him, but I am pleased that I have now heard of him and his work. I shall attend to his podcasts!

  • http://www.jonathanfsullivan.com/ Jonathan F. Sullivan

    I had the opportunity to read a preview of the book and it is excellent. Heartily recommended!