The New X Men Movie Sounds Fun

according to Steve Greydanus.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I finally got to see Noah a few weeks ago. As I thought I would, I liked it a lot and thought Steve’s extremely perceptive read of the film was pretty much my own. It’s a deeply Jewish read of the text, deeply liturgical, and (very curiously to me) strangely Pauline in that it manages to take the reality of original sin (which is not an idea typically accept in modern Judaism, though implicit in Old Testament texts) very seriously. I’m grateful that the biblical text was treated with such seriousness. It’s not a movie without flaws, but on the whole I was happy with it.

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  • The X-Men movie is a lot of fun!

  • D.T. McCameron

    I saw Noah last night!
    The depiction of Cain’s sin throughout the ages was awesomely striking.

  • Dave G.

    I’ll probably see neither. My boys keep up on the latest, and might see it. Noah, Hobbit, X-Men, that’s more in their realm of liking. Though they love older movies, too. They watched JAWS for the first time a week or so ago, and were shaking when it was over. I loved their take on how they can see so much violence and blood and gore and disasters and carnage in movies today, and yet be so affected by older movies (compliments of my second oldest): older movies look fake, but feel real; today’s movies look real, but feel fake.

    • Dan F.

      That’s a very perceptive comment by your son

      • Dave G.

        He’s good. They all love talking about movies and discussing. That came from me asking them why they were so freaked out about JAWS, when they’ve seen so much death and carnage in movies today. That was one of many suggestions, but the one that stuck with me (their first reaction to JAWS was ‘how the *bleep* did that not get an R rating!).

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      Awesome. JAWS remains so effective because the humans in the movie are so great. Even the bad guys. And was there ever a better movie hero than Chief Brody?
      And it doesn’t hurt that the basic plot of this story is over a thousand years old. Compare the plot of JAWS with the plot of BEOWULF, and you’ll realize the details may differ, but they’re essentially the same story.

      • Dave G.

        JAWS? Beowulf? I must reread Beowulf and rewatch JAWS (though I think the novel will be a bit off that comparison). And yes, the realism of the characters (and not just in JAWS). My boys said ‘at the end, you didn’t want anyone to die, and you didn’t think anyone should have to die.’ And yes, Chief Brody is one of the screen’s all time best everyman hero.

  • Shawna Mathieu

    You might find this funny. My husband and I went out to see the new Captain America movie. After the movie was over, we talked with the theater manager. The subject of Marvel’s after the credits scenes came up.
    The manager said, a few days ago, a guy came in to watch “Noah”. After the movie was over, he came out and asked the manager ‘Where is it?”
    “Where is what?”
    “The after credits teaser.”
    “For ‘Noah’?”
    “Yes, I want to see when they’re going to do the sequel.”
    He was serious.

  • Dana

    The movie might be entertaining, but read up on Bryan Singer before you go spend money on his movies. Like Woody Allen, he’s a very talented mega-sleaze.

    • Like many in Hollywood, he’s a very talented mega-sleaze.

      Fixed it for you.

      • jroberts548

        There’s a big difference between general Hollywood sleaziness and drugging teenage boys in order to sodomize them.

        • Whoa. Yech. Is there documentation of this? (If so, could not his unflagging career have something to do with general Hollywood sleeziness?)

          • jroberts548

            He’s been sued. It’s unknown whether the accusations are true.