We’re Talking About “Social Justice” Catholics

over at the Register.

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  • HornOrSilk

    Mark, how many “social justice” Catholics do you think really fit the mold here? I think it is a caricature online by many who do not like “social justice.” Most I know represent the fullness of Catholic teaching. Yes, there are some who wickedly support abortion and so depart from human dignity, but the majority involved with Social Justice I think got into it via rejection of abortion, because they saw how this leads to the promotion of human dignity for all. I would suggest a way forward here is to stop separating “pro-life” and “social justice” Catholics, but call for Catholic Justice.

  • Kurt 20008

    “If you support the murder of innocent human beings, you are not a Social Justice Catholic.”

    I would agree. And I very much agree with Mark’s wise counsel to just embrace the whole of the Church’s teaching and not the bits you like.

    However, can we acknowledge that few if any people hold a view of supporting the murder of innocent human beings? What does exist that a certain portion of public opinion incorrectly and sadly and with tragic results does not recognize the unborn as human beings.