Simcha Fisher…

is giving away the farm!  Today’s your chance to load up on some NFP swag.  I offered to give away a free Sam Rocha with my autograph on his face (now with natural maple flavor and imported from Canada!), but Simcha said no.  Then I offered to sign a copy of Forming Intentional Disciples “Sherry Weddell”, but again she fussily said no. Then I offered to sign a copy of Forming Intentional Disciples “Mark P. Shea”, but again she said no.   So I offered to give away one of my own books and sign it “Sam Rocha”.  Again no.  So I offered to give away one of my own books and sign it “Sherry Weddell”.  Again, my creative efforts to think outside the box were quashed by Simcha’s Fisher’s bourgeois conformism to convention.  So finally, I offered to give away one of my books with my signature and she added it to the heap of much better swag than my books.  By all means, go check out the swag.  I’m personally hoping she doesn’t have one of those “If you are helping out with the prizes then you don’t get to play” rules, cuz a lot of that stuff looks pretty cool.

I just wish a rocket pack was one of the prizes.  That would be extra super cool!

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Darn, I really wanted to win Sam Rocha with your signature!

  • Ouiz

    Daniel Amos!!! I loved listening to them in high school!!!