“We Must Open Our Hearts”

Kudos to Glenn Beck.  May his tribe increase.  The issue of children pouring across our border is not about political advantage.  This is about raw human need.

Here’s a place to help.

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  • Francisco J Castellanos

    Oh, good for Beck!
    Meanwhile, back in my own Michigan backyard, the possibility of bringing some of these refugee children to be housed at a facility in the town of Vassar brought up some pretty ugly anti-immigrant rhetoric such as: “I support a minefield along the border,” as well as warnings that it would be necessary to wear surgical masks all the time to be protected from these kids’ germs:

    • Varenius

      I suspect that those sentiments have less to do with the children themselves than with mounting frustration over illegal immigration. The children simply provide an immediate, tangible target onto which to vent anger.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    As crazy as Beck can be, I have to admire that he never comes across as disingenuous, at least to me. He’s been backing away from the radical conservatives lately, and that gives me hope.

    • HornOrSilk

      Sadly, he comes across as very disingenuous to me, as per this video:


      He is very much putting on an act. But even then, I can say, well done for this one bit of good he did. Unlike some, I can be critical of someone and their actions, while still saying they have done good with other actions. Here, he did good.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        I’m not saying he hasn’t acted like a jackass in the past, but in this case he’s actually raising funds and sending goods to the border. It’s tough to fake that.

        • HornOrSilk

          As I said, what he is doing is good. I won’t say, however, he is not trying some sort of act for himself. I don’t care. That’s for him and his soul. For those he helps, I am glad. My point is I don’t trust him and don’t find him to be anything but an actor putting on an act. But he did good here, we both agree.

  • jeanvaljean24601

    Glen Beck has, of late, begun saying some things which cause me to think he isn’t a total idiot. Must be that he’s more economically independent and not under the thumb of Big Money?
    We shall hope (prayers would help) that some night, he will wake from a deep dream of peace…

    • Jessica

      It’s easy to stop caring about “Big Money” when you are a millionaire 50 times over.

      Beck won’t bear the cost of supporting these children, local communities and governments will.

  • Joe

    God bless that lovable loon.

  • I’ll sign up for the proposition that there’s plenty of raw, human need in this issue but who are you kidding that there isn’t political advantage being fought over here. President Obama and the rest of the “don’t enforce the law” lobby in the Democratic party set up this situation. They created this raw, human need on our doorsteps as a maneuver to lock in hispanic vote and they should not escape responsibility for doing so. As people die in the desert, as we have communicable disease outbreaks, none of us should forget that it’s all been done for the greater good of goosing Democratic party vote totals.

    Walk and chew gum people. Meet the human need and take proper note of the politics that caused the crisis. We can do both.