Fixing Ugly Church Graphics One Parish at a Time!

Is you parish saddled with an ugly website?  Read on!

My name is Michael Marchand, youth minister and founder of the brand new site

I did an interview this morning about it with my good friend Brandon Vogt, and he recommended I reach out to you guys.

You can get more details on our website or the interview with Brandon, but basically it’s a subscription based service that let’s parishes add a graphic designer to their team.

Tolle, lege!

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  • Catholic pilgrim

    Now with ugly parish website designs out of the way, Parishes can concern themselves with fixing one ugly parish church architecture at a time. First, Tabernacle (Holy of Holies) front & center along with Altar & Crucifix, then, putting & using Altar rails. Then on to returning the icons & statues. Then working on interior design, & finally the exterior design of the parish church building.

    • Tom Chaney

      I think people get a little too work up about railings and tabernacles. Chill out and watch that He-Man special.

      • Dave Williams

        There moral lessons to be learned from watching old He-Man re-runs seems to be, at times, limitless.

      • Nick Rocks

        Love me some He-man & She-Ra!! Thanks for posting

  • Marc Daniels

    That’s great. It reminds me of the He-Man Christmas special.
    Good work Mark