In America, decadent Westerners hail summer

In Russia, summer hail you!

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Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
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Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth

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  • TheConductor

    In America, you watch television. In Soviet Russia, television watches YOU!

  • Marthe Lépine

    Did anyone notice the corner of blue sky on the right side at the top of the picture? This must have been quite far North, since the storm cloud was just above the peoples’ heads. St-Petersburg aka Stalingrad is almost as far North as Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, where I lived for a couple of years in the early 70’s. There, the shortest night, on June 21, is about 15 minutes of dusk, and the shorter days of winter began during the morning coffee break and ended during the afternoon coffee break (I never saw the sun rise so often in my life!). So, on a summer afternoon, as I walked home, it could be raining, but at the same time the sun, low on the horizon, was almost blinding.