Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes:

I am writing to see if you can help us out – some of us from an FUS alumni women’s group have decided to fundraise for one of our own – Susan Anne. She and her children were in an abusive situation, and she was able to get them out of it, but since then, it’s been financially tough.

If you could share the fundraising page we’ve put together for her, it would be so very awesome of you. Also, if you know of any freelance writing opportunities for her, that would be even more awesome.

I know, I’m being bold, but it’s for a good cause

I would try contacting the editors of such periodicals as Our Sunday Visitor, the National Catholic Register, Catholic Digest, Catholic Answers, St. Anthony Messenger and seeing if they would be interested in her work.  In addition, her story of escape from abuse may well be of interest to magazines outside the world of Catholic media.  And that may pay a lot more to..

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  • Susan Anne

    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated, and I will follow through with them. Thank you!

  • Mike Petrik

    You might consider the practicality of asking for assistance from your parish or hers. That way donors can make earmarked gifts to the parish that are tax-deductible, which will allow them to calibrate a higher amount. Also, if practical a PayPal option can make donations easier (no need to enter a bunch of info), and easier is always better. Fundme is not a 501(c)(3) and donations through it are usually considered non-deductible gifts.