On abortion, Kaine = Trump

Kaine is essentially indistinguishable from Donald Trump on abortion, whose last known position was “The laws are set and I think we have to leave it that way.” But because he is a Democrat he is a despicable traitor to the pro-life movement despite being “personally prolife’ while Trump is the prolife movement’s last best hope and a baby Christian for whom we must all pray as God’s Anointed, despite the high likelihood he has personally paid for abortions for some of his sexual conquests.

Oh, but Kaine is a Catholic and should know better! Certainly. And so what is your excuse, O Catholic Trumpkin, who claims the right to sit in judgment of his soul and who poses as a Real Catholic while denouncing him as a CINO. You supposedly know better and are God’s Special Favorite, yet you *still* support a guy whose policy position is identical to his. And you do it knowing that your guy gives every indication of taking a far more hands-on approach to abortion support than Kaine has. You hail him as somehow more open to some miraculous future conversion despite his stated refusal to ask God for forgivenness while declaring that somebody who is open to the sacraments and has done works of mercy is beyond the pale of redemption.

Face it. All you really mean is that God loves Republicans and hates Democrats. That’s your real theology.

It is amazing what you can achieve as a prolifer when you simply abandon all commitment to principle, coherence, and sense in your quest for power.

Or, you could be consistent, acknowledge that Kaine and Trump are identically wrong on abortion and affirm where Kaine agrees with the Catholic faith, praying for his further conversion as much as you pray for Trump’s.

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