Trump: Super Duper Prolife Convert…

Trump: Super Duper Prolife Convert… April 6, 2017

appointed his daughter Ivanka ambassador to Planned Parenthood:

In the weeks following her father’s inauguration, Ivanka Trump quietly reached out to the president of Planned Parenthood seeking common ground on the contentious issue of abortion.

The first daughter requested a sit-down with Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood and a vocal surrogate for Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail, to talk about an organization that is being targeted by Republicans seeking to defund it because it provides abortions, among other women’s health services like cancer screenings.

Their under-the-radar meeting — a rarity between a well-known Democratic activist and a close adviser to a Republican president — has not been previously reported.

I was going through my mail yesterday and reading the excited prophecies about Trump, our Baby Christian Constantine fer sher being passionately interested in defunding Planned Parenthood. I recall Fr. Frank Pavone desecrating an altar (his bishop’s description of his act) with the corpse of a dead child he has apparently refused burial for years, preferring to keep it as a prop. I remember him using that corpse and that altar as a stump from which to command the faithful to support Trump.

That was bad enough. But what is incredible to me is that still, at this late date “prolife” Christians continue to defend everything this guy does. Look gassed Syrian children in the face and say “You can’t come“? Fantastic! How prolife can you get?

Children eating lead paint? No problem! They’ve already been born and so have graduated from precious unborn children the GOP pretends to care about to parasitic recipients of government aid.

Respond to a request from the parents of Sandy Hook that the President of the United States have the common decency to denounce cruel Gun Cultists and nuts at Infowars who, five years later, are still making their lives hell by accusing them of faking the deaths of their own children in order to make Gun Cult psychos look bad? Hell no! And good for him! Because nothing says “prolife” more than the NRA-supported–yes, NRA-supported–war of paranoid Gun Cult psychos on the traumatized parents of children slaughtered in their elementary school classroom.

It takes a special kind of gutless cowardice for Trump to be so afraid of the gun lobby that he dare not even speak again Sandy Hook Truthers. And it takes a special kind of “prolife” prostitution say not a peep against it. But then again, these too were children who had already been born and so were exempt from the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife commitment to the sanctity of human life from conception to birth.

The “prolife” movement, in its monomania, is again being betrayed. But at this late date, it deserves it. Having long ago abandoned a commitment to the sanctity of life from conception to natural death and agreed to support whatever anti-life measure the GOP commands in exchange for, well, nothing, it has morphed into folly sold itself into slavery to a man who regard it as nothing more than useful idiots.

Or, this being Lent, the “prolife” movement could always repent this folly, listen to the Church and not FOX, Talk Radio and wingnut websites and try being more prolife, not less. It could try comparing this pack of crooks and liars to the gospel and not to their hated culture war enemies. They could try doing what they said they would do and “holding the Party of Trump’s feet to the fire” instead of greeting every lie and cruelty from these deceivers with silent consent or passionate acclamation.

They could try that.

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