Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby and Authentic Prolife Witness

Jimmy Kimmel told the story of his baby’s illness and took the occasion to plead on behalf of those who are not multi-millionaires but still have children in desperate need of medical care. It was a Christlike thing to turn his pain toward the good of the least of these and it put a face on what is at stake in the struggle to establish the right to health care in our country. Bravo! You done good by your Catholic faith, Mr. Kimmel. God grant your baby health and long life through Christ our Lord and bless your suffering in union with Christ crucified.

Meanwhile, another Catholic (who has even ditched his responsibility to support his own children) demonstrates the distorted and freakish thing that postmodern Republican Rite Christianity has become with one of his typically heartless responses:

It makes sense that a deadbeat dad with no sense of responsibility to his own children would spit on others. Oh, but he’s “prolife without exception” so all is excused.

I’ll take Kimmel over Walsh’s gross stain on the Faith any day. Kimmel shows how a Catholic suffers with Jesus and offers it for somebody else’s good. Walsh is the very model of a Francis-hating seducer of the brethren who worships Mammon. God have mercy on him.

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