Damon Lindelof’s Love Letter to “a Perfect Movie”

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I concur completely.  Raiders is the quintessential popcorn movie.  It’s what you go to the movies for.  It has everything you ever want it a movie.  And it’s a movie, not a film.   Bergman and Lean and Kurosawa make films.  Spielberg, on occasion, makes a film.  But this was a movie, made for every Jack and Jill who ever wanted to see a Big Hero kiss the girl and blow up Nazis and see a Big Sprawling Action Story set in the Golden Age 30s and end with a wallop.  It will never die.  People will watch it a thousand years from now.  Had Spielberg made no other movie in his entire career, the human race would owe him an unpayable debt.

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