The GOP gets back to the business of trying to kill the weak, poor, and elderly

It’s only fitting that this pack of clowns (who are less like Bozo and more like IT in the hunger for the blood of the weak) should be called out by a clown who simply quotes their lies back to their faces and speaks the truth:

The GOP once again is demonstrating that for the depraved postmodernist thing that is the Party of Trump accusation is always a form of confession. What they accuse their culture war enemies of, they themselves mean to do. For years, they warned darkly of “death panels”. Now they make clear that they themselves are the Death Panel and they mean to doom millions of people to suffering and death in pursuit of $$$ from corporate backers.

Meanwhile, Trump has just re-funded Planned Parenthood for the third time and his Supreme Court pick says Roe is settled law. #prolifewinning

"Now who's engaging in "whataboutism"?Either you care about truth of you don't."

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The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper
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