Trump gave a donation to James O’Keefe

professional liar and fraud, before O’Keefe sent (again) somebody to lie for him.  This time it was a woman who went to the WaPo to lie to them that Roy Moore had impregnated her as a teen.

The most incredible part of the hubris of Liars for Jesus are the people who look straight at liars caught trying to plant false stories and busted by good journalism and say, “Well, this wouldn’t be necessary if journalists at WaPo did their jobs!”

They *did* their job you stupid, proud, unteachable liars! It is *you*, not *they*, who live by lies. And you are so immersed in your pride that you will not see that it is you who are the problem, not the people you lie to, tempt, and stubbornly continue to accuse even when their actions have shown that they are honest and you are the liars.

That these people do this in the name of Christ and in the attempt to help a child molester is Christianism in chemical purity.

The sole achievement of Liars for Jesus like James O’Keefe has been to indelibly impress on the minds of all normal people that he and his fanboi are liars. That’s it. That’s all. They have achieved *nothing* but to destroy the trust of any normal person in a word they say. The *only* people who still think their “work” is worth a tinker’s damn are Christianists who have likewise replaced the truth of the gospel with Machiavellian lies on behalf of a sex predator and a child molester.

And, indeed, this lie is being defended by more lies from Christianists. Here is an actual quote from a reader: “Interesting to see the spin on this. “Project Veritas fail”. It’s like saying a security firm ‘fails’ when they simulate a security intrusion and are caught. Silly.”

Nobody appreciates the work of Satan in lying and tempting people. It’s just “quality control”.

If your cult needs to be guarded by lies, you are not a disciple of Jesus Christ, who is the Truth.

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