Prayer Request and a Chance to Do a Work of Mercy for a Brother and Sister in Need

Dear Peeps: Please help with your prayers and as much dough as you can muster. This is a chance to do a work of mercy for your brother and sister in Christ. There’s some time pressure on this one, so please give a lot *fast*.

A reader writes:

Hi Mark, I just wanted to ask for prayers. My husband and I are in a living situation where we need to find another residence within the next couple of weeks. I started a GoFundMe campaign to help us get something for the residence we found to live in. Any and all prayers are needed we can get the money we need to move. My health isn’t the greatest, neither is my husband’s. My husband’s name is Bill. Thank you!

Father, hear our prayer for Dawn and Bill and grant them swift relief and help for their financial and housing issues through your Son Jesus Christ.

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