Against Refugee Parasites

I am sick and tired of the bad press the Egyptian government is getting for guarding their sovereign borders. Why did “Saint” Joseph take his wife and infant son on a dangerous trek to another country instead of staying home, being a courageous Spiritual Warrior and Patriot, raising an army and fighting to free his country? I am so sick of SJWs making excuses for these cowardly parasites who abandon their homeland when the going gets a little hard and think they can just waltz into another country looking for handouts. Egypt had enough on its plate and did not need another three mouths to feed because a so-called “father” and “provider” and “man” was too gutless to even defend his own family!

And don’t get me started on the whole “but an angel told him to leave” thing. Religious fanaticism is no excuse for abandoning your responsibility as a man, a father, a provider, a spiritual warrior and a patriot. My God says, “if a man will not work, he shall not eat”. Freeloaders looking for free handouts from my hard-earned tax dollars are not anybody I think an angel wants to talk to. Don’t blame me if the government takes his kid away from him and sends him and his wife back where they came from. Not my problem. Am I my brother’s keeper?

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