Jesus Founded a Church, Not a Club

In which I take issue with people who seem to think it the mission of the Church to keep out as many people as possible: So last week, Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself praying the Rosary and accompanied it with an explanation of why her health troubles had forced her to cancel her tour. Unlike, say, Madonna’s use of sacred imagery to shock and subvert the point of sacred imagery, this was simply an image of her at… Read more

Vaux’s Swift Roost in Monroe, WA

So my wife, who is a bird enthusiast has done what she does best: teach me to love new things. Near our house is Lake Ballinger, with a big peat bog island in the middle of it. In summer, we swim out to it and often spend a couple of hours swimming round it. The island is a bird sanctuary for Bald Eagles, Kingfishers, Crows, Blue Herons, and some mystery bird that flies in great murmurration over the island on… Read more

Caught up with Tony Vasinda, the Catholic Beard Balm Guy

… on Connecting the Dots: Read more


And all because a rich white draft dodger who called his years of catching STDs his “personal Vietnam”, who spit on POWs and mocked Gold Star families, and who calls Nazis “very fine people” but peaceful black protesters exercising their first amendment right “sons of bitches” is skilled at ginning up his base of white supremacists and manipulating people who cannot tell the difference between a piece of cloth and the ideals of the nation for which it stands. Go… Read more

Because Christianity is nothing more than warmed over paganism…

September 21, the Autumn Equinox is, of course, a massively important day in the Christian calendar, one the Four Most Important Days of the Year for Christians. Right? Just like Easter always fall on the Spring Equinox. Oh, wait.  It *never* falls on the Spring Equinox? Hmm… Also, there’s no evidence that Christmas was invented to replace the Feast of Sol Invictus.  There is evidence, however, that the Feast of Sol Invictus was pumped by a pagan Emperor trying to… Read more

They don’t call it the Interwebs for nothing

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Conversation with Somebody Claiming Their Focus is Only on Abortion

Commenting on Liesite News’ recent ugly hatchet piece on Rebecca Bratten Weiss, claiming that she seeks to destroy the prolife movement by advocating a consistent life ethic, a reader sez: I don’t like smear campaigns or demonizing. I also agree with the headline of the LSN article. I do think “seamless garment” is a poison pill, “consistent life ethic” is ethically inconsistent, and the blending of SJW culture with prolife is harming the movement. What part of Pope St. John… Read more

Professor Julius Sumner Miller

I never heard of this guy until today: …but he appears to have been a magnificent Feynmanesque character. Miller’s first television appearance in Australia was on Bob Sanders People in 1963. In an improvised physics demonstration, he attempted to drive a drinking straw through a raw potato. A paper straw normally does not have sufficient strength but if one pinches the end, the trapped air acts as a piston, easily piercing the potato. For the first time in his career he could not get this… Read more

The GOP gets back to the business of trying to kill the weak, poor, and elderly

It’s only fitting that this pack of clowns (who are less like Bozo and more like IT in the hunger for the blood of the weak) should be called out by a clown who simply quotes their lies back to their faces and speaks the truth: The GOP once again is demonstrating that for the depraved postmodernist thing that is the Party of Trump accusation is always a form of confession. What they accuse their culture war enemies of, they… Read more

Manchild Threatens World War III

Having spent last week facing calls for impeachment from his former fan base, Trump tries to demonstrate the bigness of his tiny, tiny hands to the men such as Ann Coulter who have rejected him.  Recklessly threatening another manchild with the “total” destruction of his country (meaning the potential nuclear murder of 25 million people right on the border of China), this dunce at the helm of the mightiest military in the history of the world again demonstrates his radical… Read more

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