Rebecca Hamilton brings the truth

…again: Euthanasia is medical murder. It is also, in an increasing number of locations around the globe, legalized murder. In the midst of the debate about whether or not it should be legal for your doctor to kill you, including murdering you without your knowledge or permission, we have the do-it-yourself death pushers. Dr Philip Nitschke of Australia is now marketing what amounts to a suicide package which consists of a killing machine that converts to a coffin. Just in… Read more

Rod Bennett and I have some Thanksgiving fun!

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Dominican Compline App

This is extremely cool: For a little over a year,, the preaching apostolate of the Dominican Studium in St. Louis, Missouri (for the Provinces of St. Albert the Great, USA and St. Martin de Porres, USA) have been developing a smart phone application called “Dominican Compline.” The app allows users to listen as the friars chant compline, and it presents the text and music so that they may follow along and pray with us. It features a setting of… Read more

Love is so Poignant and Beautiful in Grief

David Alexander writes a beautiful tribute to his mother, who entered eternal life on November 6, 2016: Our mother taught us the redemptive value of suffering. You never know how much you need God, until you uncover the veil of delusion, and realize that all is not well. No one needed God more than our mother, and one might daresay that no one ever counted on him more. Cheating death (if only for a while), cheating the odds, she prevailed…. Read more

David Bentley Hart Takes Apart By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed

He does an extremely thorough job and shows his work. Here’s some samples, but read the whole thing. If there is any book the world does not need, it is a Catholic defense of the death penalty. Let us grant, for argument’s sake, that the death penalty is indeed a just and proportionate response to willful murder. So what? That has never been the issue for Christians, for the simple reason that the Gospel does not admit the authority of… Read more

Simcha Fisher on Sick Pilgrim, Part 2

I believe Donna Provencher. The one really great thing about #metoo is that it has broken a dam (and a damn) that needed broken. When a bunch of women say, “That guy preyed on us” it is common sense to believe the women, not the predator. When a dozen people with nothing in common say, “That’s the guy who robbed the bank we were in and pointed a gun at our head” we don’t speculate about why they are conspiring… Read more

Simcha Fisher on the Weirdness at Sick Pilgrim

She does, I think, a very thorough job. As is my custom, when multiple women with nothing to gain and no axe to grind come forward, my assumption is to believe them for the same reason I believe multiple independent witnesses to a bank robbery: because it’s common sense. Simcha gives plenty of room for the perp to give his side of things, which upsets some people. I think that’s like complaining Herman Wouk gave Queeg too much space for… Read more

Pope Francis Warns of Libertarianism

In his Message from the Holy Father to the participants in the Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences: “Finally, I cannot but speak of the serious risks associated with the invasion, at high levels of culture and education in both universities and in schools, of positions of libertarian individualism. A common feature of this fallacious paradigm is that it minimizes the common good, that is, ‘living well,’ a ‘good life’ in the community framework, and exalts the… Read more

Social Networks vs. Communities

Here’s a little video from the Beeb about one of the zillions of pseudo-“communities” spawned by the internet: One of the unexpected effects of social media has been that it makes it possible for isolated, ignorant, paranoid, and dumb people to network in such a way as to create pseudo-“communities” tightly walled off from the human family and utterly immune to the blandishments of reality. The term for this in Hell is “divide and conquer”. It is a powerful toxin… Read more

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