Professor Julius Sumner Miller

I never heard of this guy until today: …but he appears to have been a magnificent Feynmanesque character. Miller’s first television appearance in Australia was on Bob Sanders People in 1963. In an improvised physics demonstration, he attempted to drive a drinking straw through a raw potato. A paper straw normally does not have sufficient strength but if one pinches the end, the trapped air acts as a piston, easily piercing the potato. For the first time in his career he could not get this… Read more

The GOP gets back to the business of trying to kill the weak, poor, and elderly

It’s only fitting that this pack of clowns (who are less like Bozo and more like IT in the hunger for the blood of the weak) should be called out by a clown who simply quotes their lies back to their faces and speaks the truth: The GOP once again is demonstrating that for the depraved postmodernist thing that is the Party of Trump accusation is always a form of confession. What they accuse their culture war enemies of, they… Read more

Manchild Threatens World War III

Having spent last week facing calls for impeachment from his former fan base, Trump tries to demonstrate the bigness of his tiny, tiny hands to the men such as Ann Coulter who have rejected him.  Recklessly threatening another manchild with the “total” destruction of his country (meaning the potential nuclear murder of 25 million people right on the border of China), this dunce at the helm of the mightiest military in the history of the world again demonstrates his radical… Read more

Interviewed Rebecca Bratten Weiss on Connecting the Dots today

Since, as Dave Armstrong notes, the character assassins and inquisitors at Lifesite News did not have the integrity to so much as talk to Rebecca before pasting together the sub-8th grade hatchet job they did on her, I thought I’d give her a chance to speak on my podcast.  She acquitted herself well: As you’ll hear, Rebecca is thoroughly prolife. Indeed, that’s her trouble: she uphold the Church’s whole teaching on life from conception to natural death and she dissents… Read more

Blessed are the Peacemakers

From Daryl Davis, peacemaker: * People make the mistake of forming anti-racist groups that are rendered ineffective from the start because ONLY invite those who share their beliefs to their meetings. * Provide a safe neutral meeting place. * Learn as much as you can about the ideology of a racist or perceived racist in your area. * Invite that person to meet with your group. * VERY IMPORTANT – LISTEN to that person. What is his/her primary concern? Place… Read more

Mary Pezzulo writes beautifully…

…of what authentic Catholic witness looks like. So does John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe. Read more

I Interviewed Derya Little, Author of From Islam to Christ

on Connecting the Dots: You can get her book here: Read more

Did an interview with KBVM in Portland

about my talk  on Mary coming up in Camas as St. Thomas Aquinas parish in Camas, WA tomorow night at 6:30.  You can listen here. Read more

For my sins…

I somehow wound up on a spam list from some Alt Right server.  Periodically I get mail from different sock puppets who blather about “cuckservatives” and chatter about menace of the darkskins and white supremacy and “Western Civilization”.  Today I got something titled “Question” (a lie: it should be called “Half-Assed Manifesto”).  It read: I am a college student, a conservative, and was born and raised Catholic.  However, I am now leaving the Catholic Church.  Here is why. Like most… Read more

Hey Portland, Vancouver and Camas!

I will be speaking about our Blessed Mother Mary at St. Thomas Aquinas parish in Camas, WA, tomorrow night, September 16 at 6:30 PM (after the evening Mass)! We will talk about Mary, her role in the life and devotion of the Church, the four Marian dogmas (Theotokos, Perpetual Virginity, Immaculate Conception, and Assumption) and they way in which she, the last gift God gave us before he left this life, shows us how to be better disciples.  I look forward to seeing you… Read more

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